Often, a pool or spa is the main feature of a backyard, but what about what surrounds the pool? When designed correctly, there should be cohesion and a connection between the pool or spa, the landscape, and the home.  

It’s all about creating a visual statement, adding texture and depth through strategic landscaping design. Also included in the pool surrounds would be the consideration of privacy, and whether screens are required as well as structures such as pergolas or cabanas.

No matter what look you’re going for, our expert team can help guide you.
There’s something magical about water features. It can make a captivating statement, whether that’s at the entrance to your home, a courtyard features or a focal point in your backyard. A water feature uses sound and movement to capture your attention and creates an ambiance like no other.

A strategically placed water feature can create cohesion between indoor and outdoor living, and create a feeling of tranquillity and relaxation. From a simple setup using pre-built troughs and vessels through to natural waterfall settings or ultra contemporary water feature networks with sleek lines and intricate layouts.

If you think a water feature may be a great addition to your new or existing garden, get in touch in touch with the team today to discuss your plans, budget and options.

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Green Thumb Landscapes pride themselves on being able to perform a wide range of landscaping services including the construction of your gazebo, deck or pergola, pouring concrete for driveways, footpaths and pool surrounds, paving and fencing through to managing water with earthworks, drainage and retaining walls.

After all of the major works and building have been completed we can then prepare the surface for lawns and garden beds through to importing soil and then planting and mulching.

We work with both domestic and commercial clients and will provide a solution for your home or business no matter the project brief.

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Before you start any kind of landscaping, it’s important to get the foundations right. That’s where we come in! Our team understand how crucial earthworks and drainage are in setting the stage for a beautiful garden that stands the test of time.  

With our years of knowledge and experience, we create structure to your garden, that not only looks visually appealing but also provides function.  Adequate drainage and earthworks are imperative to a garden that you can enjoy for years on end!

Without those important first steps, you risk your landscaped garden being damaged, through flooding but also structural damage to nearby properties.

Whether you’re after a complete overhaul of your current garden, or just need us to come in and fix the foundations, Green Thumb Landscapes have got your back!

One of the biggest pain points we hear from our customers is that they have unusable space in their backyard.  And one of the best ways to address this is through paving and walkways. Adding paving can significantly improve the usability of your garden space and create a cohesive space, without compromising on style.

If you’re struggling to match the right paving style with your garden, then our experienced team can talk you through different paving layouts, styles and materials best suited to your garden.